Proven Effective Penis Enlargement Techniques

A smaller penis can just be the source of your indignation and disgrace. Because you are a man, you are expected to have the qualities inherent to your masculinity. A small penis, a curved penis, impotence, premature ejaculation-these are not going to elevate you in the pedestal. In contrast, it will make you sink in the deepest degree of shame and embarrassment. Before you become the subject of fun of many women, you have to understand that there are Penis Enlargement Techniques that are guaranteed boost your size to the envy of men and to the satisfaction of your partner.

Here are effective methods that would not compromise your safety and comfort in making your penis grow bigger than its actual size.

  • Penis enlargement pills. Yes, there are scams. If you don’t want to fall for these scams here are the only recommended pills that you may want to try: MaleExtra Pills,VigRX Plus™, ProSolution Pills, Vimax Pills, ExtenZe Pills, SinRex Pills, MaxiRex Pills, and ViriGain Pills.
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  • Penis Patches. For a less risky way of obtaining gains in the size of your penis, you may opt to use penis patches available in the market in wide range.
  • Penis exercise. Natural methods will always be the best method. To make your penis gain additional length and to obtain a healthy penis that is always ready to perform choose from these natural penis exercise systems and programs: Penis Health, Erection fitness, Penis Advantage, and Penile Secrets.
  • Penis Stretchers. These devices are being used since ancient times. They stretch the tissue of the penis in order to get an increase in length. Safe penis extenders like SizeGenetics™, X4 Labs™, ProExtender™ Systems, Jes-Extender, Euro Extender™, Male Edge, FastSize Extender are out in the market.

Penis Enlargement: No More Penis Insecurities with Penis Exercises

If you want to give more pleasure to your girl or to your girls, then increasing the size and the stamina of your penis would be a good idea. Do not worry because you do not have to undergo painful and risky, not to mention pricey, operations. You could have a longer, larger and stronger manhood with a natural Penis Enlargement Method. You could attain the penis that you want by doing penis exercises.

If you do not know where to start in doing a penis exercise, then you could get the help that Penis Health is giving. Penis Health is a program by Penis Health System. This would help you take all your penis insecurities out of you system.

In Penis Heath program, they would give you DVDs, Videos, Demos, and online access to guide you with your penis exercise.

If you want proof, visit their website and see different members and look at their data. You could see improvements of the length and girth of their penises. The names used were all codenames so you do not have to worry of being named when you join the program. Well, of course, with a stronger and longer penis, there is nothing to be ashamed of, right?

You could get many discounts and freebies, just visit their site. If you really want to give girls a night that they would never forget, have your penis exercises. This is a natural way so no need to worry about complications. Plus, this is way cheaper than surgeries.

Routines for Effective Penis Enlargement

Stretching is one of the most popular routines for Effective Penis Enlargement. It consists of attaching a penis to stretching and extending devices called as penis stretchers for a particular period of time. The extender in effect exerts a continuous traction against the penis, which in principle leads to the lengthening and widening of the penis. The action of traction supposedly brings about the division and expansion of the cells in the penis.

Another popular procedure in terms of the most effective routines for effective penis enlargement is through hanging. It is probably the most ancient form of self-applied procedure of penis enhancement. It was said that this practice is performed way back during the times of the African tribes dating 2,000 years ago. Hanging of weights entails the attachment of a device, typically a strap or a rope that grasps the gland to allow weight to suspend for a specific period of time.

Although weight hanging can be really effective, it may also cause some serious risks such as scarring, nerve damage, chronic pain and impotence. The possibility of such dangers is dramatically heightened if the individual performing the routine is not properly trained by a licensed therapist. The principle governing hanging for male penis enhancement is to stretch the tunica albuginea and other different tissues comprising the penis. The overall effect is to make the penis longer, while widening is also possible usually at the base of the penis. It is said that weight hanging can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Kegels Penis Enlargement Exercises Can Give You Rock Hard Erections

Ask any man what they’re most insecure about and if they’re honest, they’ll most likely reply the length of their penis. After all, length is often linked to the ability to satisfy a woman; that’s not necessarily the case, but this is the general perception. This is why every guy would like to have a longer penis. But how can you get one? Well, why not try Penis Enlargement Exercises?

Before starting on a penis extension exercise workout, keep in mind that they will work only if you do them consistently. Try setting aside a particular period during your day to do them; around 15 to 20 minutes a day, five times a week is more than enough. And always make sure to skip a day in between workouts, in order to give your penis time to rest and regenerate.

One of the simplest penis exercises is the Kegels or PC Flex, which is intended to strengthen the PC muscles. These are the muscles that are located between your scrotum and your anus. In order to locate them, try stopping the flow of your piss next time you’re in the bathroom; these are your PC muscles. Strengthening these muscles will not only give you strong, firm erections, they will also help control ejaculation so you can have longer lovemaking sessions.

To do Kegels exercises, all you have to do is squeeze and release these muscles. Start with 20 to 30 repetitions a day then gradually build up to 300; you don’t have to do all 300 at one time, you can do 100 per session, thrice a day. Note that if your buttocks or stomach tightens, then you are not using the right muscles. Once you’re doing it correctly, you can make the workouts more intense by holding the squeeze for around 3 seconds before relaxing.

How the Penis Enlargement Exercise Jelqing Can Add Length and Girth to Your Penis

Jelqing is the most well-known of Penis Enlargement Exercises, and reportedly one of the oldest as it was allegedly first used over 5,000 years ago. The purpose of jelqing is to increase the amount of blood entering the corpora cavernosa, or the spongy tissue that the penis is composed of. By increasing the blood flow to the penis, you can not only increase its length and girth, you can also have firmer and stronger erections.

Before you start jelqing, or any penis exercise, first measure the length and girth of your penis in order to gauge the success of your workout. The correct way to measure the length of your penis is to place a ruler at the base of your erect penis and take your measurement to the nearest quarter-inch. To measure girth, take a piece of string and wrap it around the thickest part of your penis; mark the place where the string touches itself and then measure using a ruler.

Just like any exercise, you should start with a warm-up to prevent injury to your penis. Warm up by massaging your penis until it is semi-erect, then either wrap it in a washcloth soaked in warm water for three minutes or stroke and massage it in a warm bath. Always jelq when you’re semi-erect in order to prevent injury; never jelq when you’re erect.

To jelq, first put some water-based lubricant (such as baby oil) on your palms. Circle your penis with your left thumb and forefinger and with your palm facing you. Slide your fingers toward the head but do not go over. Repeat the motion using your other hand. You should be able to create a continuous milking motion. Start out by doing 25 per session per day for the first week, then add 25 per week until you reach 200 repetitions.

Why Penis Exercise Works as a Penis Enhancement Exercises

Penis exercise is one of the more popular natural ways to increase penis size. Since it does not use any tools or medications, it is obviously safe. And since it does not involve undergoing intrusive procedures, it will not produce any adverse effects. But with this in mind, you would wonder: how can something as seemingly simple as penis exercise work as an effective Penis Enlargement Method?

Basically, the process works by stimulating the tissues that make put the penis. Since the penis is not a muscle, usual exercise methods will not work to increase its size. What it needs is stimulation so the cells in the tissue will reproduce, so to speak. This will facilitate the increase in the penis’ size.

There are various penis exercises used for an Effective Penis Enlargement. Perhaps the most popular is jelqing, a method wherein the person has to “milk” the penis to increase flow blood in the area. Doing the exercise regularly will produce long term results after a few months. The kegel exercises, on the other, are done to train the penis to prolong an erection. Of course, a prolonged erection doesn’t equate to a bigger penis; however, it can improve one’s sexual performance. Penis stretching is the simplest method for enlarging the penis. Here, one stretches the tissues of the penis to facilitate growth in the long run.

Needless to say, it’s not a matter of simply stretching and exercising the penis. There is a popular process involved here. There are penis exercise classes and programs available online to teach men how to do the exercise properly.

How to Do the Ballooning Technique for Penis Enlargement

The ballooning technique for a Safe Penis Enlargement is not just a mere physical exercise. It is also a routine that promotes self-control. Ballooning the organ implies allowing it to inflate similar to a balloon at the person’s will. This will enlarge the erection over a period of time. Furthermore, the technique will result to a penis which appears bigger and thicker.

The ballooning technique is one of the most popular penis exercises which employ the following steps for enlarging the penis:

  1. The primary step involved in ballooning technique for increasing penis size can be learned while engaging in a sexual intercourse or during masturbation. When the organ is just about to ejaculate, the penis is held back through squeezing its tip. This procedure is repeated at least 3 times daily.
  2. The spongy tissues in the penis develop to become more flexible as one learns how to control ejaculation. Well developed spongy tissues make them better to store with more amounts of blood.
  3. The ballooning technique for increasing penis size is done in conjunction with appropriate herbal remedies so that the right nutrients will be introduced into the body that can eventually help in maintaining the penis length. After the body has been properly supplemented with the appropriate herbs and nutrients that it needs, the actual routine of the ballooning process can now be started. It involves arousing the penis into an erection. After which, the penile area is massaged by the use of the hands. The main intention of this process is to draw more volumes of blood into the groin area. Care should be taken at all times when attempting this Penis Enlargement Procedure.

The Way to Natural Penis Enlargement

As simple and as straight forward as it seems, a man can actually enlarge penis naturally in terms of both girth and length with the aid of some easy to do exercises. These procedures are conceivably the most natural and safest among all Penis Enlargement Procedures since they do not involve the use of any expensive and bizarre gadgets and devices except for the bare hands and access to an excellent exercise program and scheduling. These procedures do not only offer the safest ways in achieving bigger penis, they are also very convenient to perform as well. These routines can be done easily at the comforts of your own home.

These routines are not new, in fact, they have existed for over a hundred of years. These methods on how to enlarge penis naturally were believed to have originated from an old Arabic tribe wherein the young men have done routines known as jelqs not only to increase the length of their penises but to enhance their staying power so as to last longer in bed as well.

Jelqs are penis exercises that aid in increasing the Corpora Cavernosa, a two blood storing chambers at the tip of the penis which tend to expand and develop by way of tissue expansion. This will enable it to store more amounts of blood. The lifeline of a human’s sexual health is our blood. When the penis is able to hold more blood, the bigger it becomes during an erection. Thus, as the holding power of the Corpora Cavernosa increases, the penis in turn develop to become thicker and bigger.

The Top 3 Benefits of Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

Do you have a small penis? You are not alone because millions of men have smaller than average penis sizes. There is no need to brood though because you can try penis enlargement exercises to make your penis bigger and longer.

Penis exercises are the safest male enhancement methods. These natural exercises have already provided great benefits for millions of men. Did you know that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians practiced a rudimentary form of penis exercise so they can enjoy better erections?

Through many centuries, the techniques have been developed further by sex experts. Today, you can now enjoy hundreds of penis exercise routines that are scientifically designed to enlarge your penis by several inches.

Safety is the top benefit that you can get from penis exercise. This is an all natural method so there is no need for you to ingest manufactured solutions. By following the proper routines and techniques, your penis can grow bigger and harder in just 2 weeks.

Another big advantage of penis exercise is cost-effectiveness. This method is cheaper because there is no need for you to buy pills or gadgets. You can simply make a one time purchase of instructional videos like the Penis Health Program, Erection Fitness, or Penis Advantage to learn the basic and advanced routines.

Lastly, natural penis exercises can offer guaranteed results. No other Penis Enlargement Solutions in the market can provide this kind of advantage. As long as you follow the right techniques and you regularly perform the routines, your penis will surely grow bigger and better.

Tips on Correctly Doing Penis Enlargement Exercises

Just like any other exercise program, Penis Enlargement Exercises will only give you the results you want if do them correctly. Here are a number of tips to keep in mind when doing these penis exercises so that you can get the best results.

First, no matter what penis lengthening exercise you choose, always do warm-ups beforehand. Warming up allows the tissues of your penis to become more elastic, reducing the risk of injury. More importantly, since the flow of blood to the penis is vital to these exercises, it also increases circulation. Thus, you should always start your exercise session with a warm-up.

Second, always do the exercises when semi-flaccid. Although it’s natural for you to get an erection when doing the routine, don’t get frustrated. Stop what you’re doing and wait until you go down. Eventually, you’ll get erections less frequently while doing your exercises.

Third, if you accidentally ejaculate while doing the exercises, stop. Remember, your penis is at its softest after you’ve just ejaculated, so you won’t get any gains from continuing to do the workout. Wait two hours before starting again. If you feel the need to masturbate, wait until at least three hours after doing the exercises.

Fourth, the important thing when doing penis enhancement exercises is to stimulate blood flow, not stretch your penis. So make sure you apply just the right amount of pressure. Too little and there won’t be enough blood flow. Too much and you’ll cut off the flow of blood.

Finally, give your body enough time to recover. It is recommended that you give some rest time between sessions, either by doing the act five days in a row and then having two days off, or by doing it every other day. But however you choose to time your rest periods, the most important thing is to do the exercises consistently.

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