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What is the EnhanceRx™ pill?

The EnhanceRx™ pill is a 100% All Natural Herbal Formula designed specifically to enhance the penis, by increasing the length and girth of the penis in it’s erect state.

We were very optimistic when beginning our tests and review of the EnhanceRx Capsules, not only because of all of the recommendations we have received to review it but also because of the incredible mixture of ingredients included in the product. For example, the majority of the clinically proven ingredients for increasing penis length and girth are included in the product including Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus, Bioperine, and L-Arginine. With claims of being America’s #1 male enhancement pill, People’s Choice Award Winner, and the 2009 Male Enhancement product of the year, its quite evident that we were really excited to see if this product actually lives up to its claims!

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What Results Will You See with EnhanceRx Capsules?

There are many products on the market that have extravagant claims and promise results that are extremely unrealistic. This is why it was quite refreshing to see that EnhanceRx didn’t promise anything more than simply vastly improving your sex life, and at the end of the day this is truly what we are all really after. While permanent gains are not the goal with this product, the ability to increase the size of your penis during an erection in both length and girth was quite obvious after a few weeks of use. In fact, unlike many of the other products we have reviewed, absolutely all of our testers reported experiencing results while using EnhanceRx. The average results for our testers were an increase of 2.3 inches in length and almost 22% in girth. With results like these using a product that is a completely 100% all natural herbal formula and completely stress and pain free, it was quite easy to tell early on that EnhanceRx was going to make our top ten list.

Is there anything to be concerned about when using EnhanceRx Capsules?

We always take our time to carefully make sure there is no aspect of any given product that we recommend that might be dangerous for our readers. While there is usually a couple things that we can find that some men might take issue with, we have to admit that we truly couldn’t find anything negative to report about EnhanceRx Capsules. Of course, men taking other medications, or men that have an illness of any kind will want to consult their doctor before taking any medication. Other than that, however, there is really nothing to be worried about when using this all-natural herbal formula.

The Best Aspects of EnhanceRx Capsules

With safety always being the number one concern when we are reviewing a product that we might potentially recommend to our readers, its hard to say that our favorite aspect of EnhanceRx Capsules is anything other than how easy and safe it is to use. With so many products on the penis enlargement market causing undesirable side effects and options such as surgery posing tons of risky potential complications, its amazing to have an effective product such as EnhanceRx Capsules that is completely 100% herbal and safe. Of course our second favorite aspect of the product is the fact that it provided results that rival any of the other products on our list. With prices that are competitive with any of the other options on the market, this is definitely a real winner.

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Free Bonuses

As if the EnhanceRx Capsules hadn’t impressed us enough with the results they provided our testers, to make the value even more enticing they also include a number of free bonus gifts that will definitely help you get the most out of the process. While the results that we reported from our tests were completely just from using the EnhanceRx Capsules, many doctors recommend utilizing penis exercises when using these types of supplements in order to get the best results. Here are a few of the free bonus gifts that we received with our order of EnhanceRx.

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Does EnhanceRx Capsules offer a Money Back Guarantee?

With all of the excellent results that we experienced throughout our tests and review of EnhanceRx Capsules, we are pretty sure that you will be pleased with the overall experience and results. However, we realize that some men might not experience the same type of positive results and this is the reason why we always make sure there is a money back guarantee on offer. Of course this is why you should already know that suppliers of EnhanceRx Capsules offer a solid 180 day, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Our Thoughts on EnhanceRx Capsules

While all of the products that eventually get included in our lists are the products that performed the best in our tests and therefore provided great results, we have to say EnhanceRx Capsules were one of our tester’s favorite products. There are often many things to be concerned about or take into consideration when using certain male enhancement products on the market, this is why the ease of EnhanceRx’s all natural safe herbal formula made the process of using these capsules quite enjoyable. This is definitely among the top 3 male enhancement products we have tried!

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