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Dr. Approved: YES
Prescription Needed: NO
Results Within: 2 Weeks
Recommended Use: 4+ Months
Stamina Gains: Strong
Ejaculation Control: Excellent
Customer Support: Excellent
Guarantee: 6 Months
Prices: from $59.95
Discount Code: “CMN10” 10% of price
Overall Rating: 5

“Rock Solid, Bigger, Harder, Intense Erections and Enlarge Your Penis Up To 3 Inches…”

When looking for great products to include in our top ten list of penis enlargement products, there were not many supplements or male enhancement pills that were able to catch our attention. The fact of the matter is most of them simply do not provide enough of the ingredients that have been proven to increase the size of your penis in order to actually provide decent results.

However, throughout the process of doing our reviews we came across the MaleExtra male enhancement pills after a recommendation and were extremely shocked at the incredible results it provided our team of testers. With proven science and an approach different from all of the other male enhancement pills on the market, MaleExtra definitely turned out to be a little known secret of the penis enlargement industry.

MaleExtra Gives You:

  • Enjoy all night staying power
  • Experience intense, mind blowing multiple orgasms for you and her
  • Enjoy bigger ejaculations. Bigger = more intense orgasms
  • Actually feel throbbing blood flow to the penis
  • Impress your partner with outstanding control and stamina
  • Enlarge your penis by up to 3 inches in length & girth!
  • Have rock solid, bigger, harder, more intense erections
  • Super charge your sex life!
  • And much more…

What Results Will MaleExtra Provide?

Throughout our tests with the MaleExtra enhancement pills we had varying results among our testers. However, 90% of our testers all experienced results that they were happy with. The majority of our testers experienced growth within the first month and the average increase in length and girth was 3 inches.  Some of the other results that our testers experienced and you can expect as well, is the ability to increase the pleasure of orgasms which most of our testers reported.

We really never expect to get these types of results utilizing male enhancement pills without combining them with other products such as an extender. However, we are pretty pleased to say that we feel great about recommending the MaleExtra system as a stand-alone option for effective penis enlargement.

Is there anything to be concerned about when using the MaleExtra System?

For the most part, we typically wont recommend a product that has many downsides or potential “cons” for our readers. However, in the case of the MaleExtra pills, the only downsides are things that only some men might experience.

For instance, the main ingredient causing penis enlargement in the product is Pomegranate 70% ellagic. This is proven to promote the increase of penis size, however it wont work for everyone. The fact of the matter is the ingredient might not have the same affect on you as it did on our testers. This is always something to keep in mind, but definitely shouldn’t be enough to keep you from investing in the system.

The Best Aspects of the MaleExtra System

There are many different aspects of the MaleExtra that we thoroughly enjoyed in comparison to the many other penis enlargement products that we have reviewed throughout the process of creating our list. Perhaps the best thing is the fact that the system truly provides much more value than the other similar product offerings on the market.

The main ingredient that is effective in the product is Pomegranate 70% ellagic and the MaleExtra system provides more than enough of the ingredient in order to actually provide results, unlike many of the other male enhancement pills. Another great aspect of the system is the fact that it doesn’t require you do anything other than follow the routine of taking the pills. This is obviously something that is extremely desirable for men who do not have time to take advantage of other time consuming products such as extenders or exercises.

Enlarge your penis by up to 3 inches in length & girth!
Use Discount Code “CMN10to get 10% off on ALL Orders

Free Bonuses

One thing that we are always looking for when reviewing products for our top ten penis enlargement list is the bonus gifts that are commonly on offer that make the entire investment and process all that much more valuable. There is definitely no shortage of these offers with the MaleExtra. Here are a few that we received with our order.

  1. Bonus #1
    Free Shipping- While this isn’t your traditional bonus gift, its obviously a nice incentive and something that just makes the whole package more valuable. – Usual price $28.66
  2. Bonus #2
    Free PenisHealth Online Access – Usual price $49.95
  3. Bonus #3
    Free PenisHealth DVD – Usual price $78.16 (Click here to read our PenisHealth Review)
  4. Bonus # 4
    Free LoveCentria Online- Usual price $68.26
  5. Bonus #5
    LoveCentria DVD- Usual price $22.72
  6. Bonus #6
    Performer 5 Maximum Ejaculation Pills- Usual price- $78.16
  7. Bonus #7
    Vit5 Essential Nutrition- Usual price $22.72

Does MaleExtra Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Of course a money back guarantee is always important to us when recommending a product because of the simple fact of the matter that not all men will experience the same great results that we have while testing the product. There is certainly nothing to worry about on this front as the MaleExtra includes a 100% money back guarantee for orders of absolutely all sizes.

Our Thoughts on the MaleExtra System

We have had the ability to try hundreds of different products throughout the process of compiling our top ten list. However, not many of the different male enhancement pills that we have tried have yielded the types of results that we experienced with the MaleExtra system. It truly couldn’t be any easier to use and was by far one of the most stress free processes of any penis enlargement product that we have tried. This obviously gives this product a great score for our reviews and makes it extremely easy for us to recommend it to you!

Have Rock Solid, Bigger, Harder & more Intense Erections!
Use Discount Code “CMN10to get 10% off on ALL Orders

Price’s: (Including FREE Discreet Shipping Worldwide)

Month Supply Package Price Save & Bonus
12 Month Supply Huge Bonus Package $458.95 Save $260.45
4 Month Supply Most Popular $238.95 Get 3 Free
3 Month Supply Fast Enlargement $198.95 Get 1 Free
2 Month Supply Good Start $117.95
1 Month Supply Budget Option $59.95

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