Top 10 Penis Extender Devices – Reviews

Introduction to Penis Enlargement Extender Devices and How They Work

By far the most popular and effective method of penis enlargement on the market these days is enlargement via extenders, stretchers, and other similar devices. There are a plethora of other options on the market from pills and creams to surgery, but none of them have ever proven to be nearly as effective as penis enlargement extenders. While clinical trials and studies done by doctors and researchers all over the world are proof enough, the fact that they have actually been used as an ancient tribal custom by societies for thousands of years is even more proof of their effectiveness.

How They Work?

Many of the suppliers of extender products don’t do a good job at explaining how these devices work in language that the average man can understand, so that’s what we will try to do for you now. The typical extender device works in the same way that many similar medical devices do in order to stretch out cells and promote healing. Simply put, the process of extending or stretching the tissues and cells in your penis with the use of an extender will cause your body to start a natural process of rebuilding cells. A similar process is used for treating many different patients in the medical world from surgery patients to burn victims. However, when this concept is applied to the penis, the only result is increased length and girth, as well as the ability to reduce or cure curvature of the penis.

By the extender applying force and opening up spaces in between cells, cells begin to divide during the natural healing process, essentially multiplying and eventually increasing the appearance of length and girth. Over the process, the force applied and tension can cause the growth of millions of new cells, which can obviously greatly increase the size of your penis. By adjusting the size the device is able to accommodate as you begin to grow, you can continue to experience results with the use of an extender.

Safety & Comfort

Two of the biggest concerns that men typically have when considering utilizing a device are safety and comfort. These are definitely not concerns when taking advantage of a penis extender or device and that is part of the reason that they have become so popular. No other products on the market have been clinically tested by doctors like extenders and none of them are guaranteed to be completely safe like these devices are. The fact of the matter is there is literally no risk involved in the process, unlike surgery and other methods of penis enlargement that can often lead to complications and serious medical issues. When it comes to comfort, there is also not much concern with these devices as the majority of them have been specifically designed with comfort in mind. We have tested and reviewed hundreds of these products and have never really had any issues with comfort.

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Top 10 Penis Stretchers

1. SizeGenetics

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2. Phallosan Extender

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2. X4 Labs™

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4. Male Edge

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5. ProExtender™

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6. Jes-Extender

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7. EuroExtender™

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8. Vimax System

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9. ProSizer System

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10. EnhanceRx Extender

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