“The Jes-ExtenderTM is the most popular male enhancement device of all time, helping men grow by an average of 28%”

We will never recommend a product before thoroughly testing it with our own team, so it never really matters how many great reviews or recommendations a product already has from others. However, the great doctor recommendations and the fact that the Jes-Extender has been classified a type 1 medical device definitely doesn’t hurt its chances of making our list. The device has also been reviewed and used by several doctors that all report experiencing results including the ability to add inches to penis length and girth, and the ability to reduce or remove penis curvatures.

Clinically Proven Penis Enhancement Device
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What Jes-Extender will do for you?

Of course the end goal is to increase the length of your penis and the Jes-Extender devices will certainly did that for our testers. Perhaps the best thing about the Jes-Extender devices is the fact that there are actually four different devices each designed to offer men the most amounts of options.  This allows men to get a product that is specifically designed for their type of body type as well as their specific goals. However, the majority of the parts and everything included in the different products are designed to produce the same results. Throughout our tests, as well as clinical researches, the Jes-Extender on average produces results of 19% growth in girth and 28% growth in length. While the majority of the extenders on the market claim similar results, there weren’t truly many others, apart from a few on our list that were able to actually provide results like the Jes-Extender.

Are there any downsides to the Jes-Extender?

We have to admit; throughout our testing we truly couldn’t find that many possible downsides or “cons” to the Jes-Extender product offering. The fact of the matter is the results simply speak for themselves. However, one thing that we noticed is the most expensive package that is offered is a little bit pricier than some of the other products on our list that offer much more value through extras and bonuses. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth the investment because we did experience great results with the Jes-Extender and there are also less expensive Jes-Extender packages offered that provided great results too!

The Best Part of the Jes-Extender

There are many imitator products on the market that are sometimes effective but not truly designed with all men in mind. This is why the Jes-Extender’s approach of having world-renowned medical professionals develop their product for clinical and mainstream public use is one that gives us real confidence when recommending this product. There were also many similar products that we tried in the past that can be quite uncomfortable and this certainly wasn’t an issue when we were testing the Jes-Extender. The comfort of the device is definitely second to none and with proven results we experienced with our own team, we have no problems recommending it to all our readers.

Free Bonuses

When purchasing any one of the Jes-Extender packages you will receive a ton of value for the purchase price in the form of some great free extras and bonuses. For example, every package comes with free email support, access to the customer forums, as well as access to a free online training program. These are great free gifts that will certainly assist you through the penis enlargement process. However, that’s not all, with our purchases we also received a free protection pad which is typically an extra cost that could be as much as $50. There is also an excellent free instruction DVD included that makes the process extremely hassle free and allows you to quickly and easily learn the ins and outs of how to use the device and get the most out of your experience. Another great bonus is the gorgeous mahogany case for storage, security, and privacy.

Make Your Penis Bigger – Without Surgery!
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Does Jes-Extender Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

All of the products that we typically recommend to our readers have great money back guarantees just in case you are not satisfied with the experience. However, the Jes-Extender truly offers the best money back guarantee offer that we have ever seen. This is because they will actually give your money back twice if you are not satisfied with your results. All you have to do is log your results through their online system once a week to qualify for this offer. This truly makes the process stress free and gives you confidence in the product while your using it and of course confidence in your investment just in case you don’t see results.

Our Thoughts on the Jes-Extender

Like we just talked about briefly, one of our favorite aspects of the Jes-Extender product is the incredible money back guarantee offer that truly shows how confident the suppliers are in the results the product provides. However, the guarantee doesn’t really matter since the results we experienced were so great that we would never even consider returning the product. With more than enough options available for men of all sizes and needs, the Jes-Extender product packages are definitely among some of the best penis extenders we have reviewed.

Product: Jes-Extender
Shipping: Discreet Shipping Worldwide

Jes-Extender® Light Original Silver Gold
Material Brass nitin Brass nitin Sterling silver coat 24 carat gold coat
Extension kit (17 cm / 6,7 in) (23 cm / 9 in) (28 cm / 11 in) (28 cm / 11 in)
Box type Card board box Mahogny case Mahogny case Mahogny case
Warranty 1 year 2 years 5 years Life time
Instruction DVD
Training Program
Forum Access
Set of keys
Comfort strap
Cohesive gauge
Soft attach
Custom velcro
Price $249.00 $299.00 $429.00 $499.00

Clinically Proven Penis Enhancement Device
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