X4 Labs Review – Doctor Designed Penis Extender System

Top Rated #3 World Leading Penis Enlargement Extender

Dr. Approved: YES
Prescription Needed: NO
Results Within: 6 Weeks
Recommended Use: 6+ Months
Success Rate: 92%
Lenght Gains: Up to 3″
Girth Gains: Up to 2″
Customer Support: Excellent
Guarantee: 6 Month
Prices: $174.95 – $399.95
Discount Code: “DISC75” $75 of price
Overall Rating: 4.7

“The Number One Penis Extender for Over 10 Years – Clinically Proven!”

When reviewing any of the products that we have included here in our top 10 list, it’s not enough to simply have a few good testimonials posted on the product’s sales page. We have to make sure the product lives up to a number of different standards including the quality of the parts and number of different options offered when it comes to penis extender devices such as the X4 Labs Penis Extender products we will be reviewing here today. We didn’t want to include any products in this list that simply “just made the cut”. This is why we were so pleased with how well this extremely well made product was able to score during our tests.

Why Choose the X4 Labs Penis Stretcher?

  • Increase Penis Size Permanently (Penis Enlargement)
  • Correct Penile Curvature, Bent Penis and Treat Peyronies Disease
  • Increase Penis Girth and Penis Length
  • Improve Sexual Stamina and Performance (Male Enhancement)
  • Boost Male Confidence
  • And much more

Easy Penis Enlargement With Doctor Recommended Device
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What X4 Labs Penis Extender will do for you?

Its pretty obvious what the X4 Labs Penis Extender aims to do for its users. Of course the end goal is always to increase penis length, girth, and hardness. However, the question is what sets X4 Labs Penis Extender apart from the rest of the products available on the market? The results that we had during testing the product proved that, while working on the same general principles of the other devices on the market, for some reason typically provided better results. There were many reasons for this, however the most notable is just the simple fact that the product is extremely well engineered and built. The attention to detail when it comes to comfort truly makes all of the difference allowing the user of the device to use it more frequently and easily.  The product proved to provide results similar to others with many men experiencing up to a 33% increase in size. However, another major benefit of the X4 Labs penis extender is the fact that it has also been shown to correct penile curvature up to 99%, which is an extremely common problem.

Are there any downsides to the X4 Labs Penis Extender?

We always want to make sure that our readers are completely safe and know any recommendations that we give are done so in completely confidence in a product or system. This is the reason that we wanted to discover any possible downsides to the X4 Labs Penis Extender. While the results certainly don’t lie, there are a few things to keep in mind. This system, like all other similar devices will not simple increase the size of your penis over night. Expect to be dedicated to using the device on a regular basis and don’t expect to just all of a sudden have a larger penis in the matter of minutes or days. It takes time!

The Best Part of the X4 Labs Penis Extender

There are many aspects of the X4 Labs Penis Extender that set it aside from other products on the market and this became quite clear while reviewing it. Perhaps one of our favorite aspects of the product is the design. We haven’t been able to find a product as well engineered and as high of quality as the X4 Labs extender. With one package even featuring a device made from 24 carat gold. However, while this sounds all good (and maybe expensive to some), another great part of the offering is the fact that several packages are offered featuring variations of the product for men with varying budgets and needs. Ranging from the basic extender device to a package featuring a plethora of bonus parts and content, there is really a little something for everyone included in the X4 Labs packages.

Increase Penis Length and Width in Just 3 Months
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Free Bonuses

The bonuses that are included in the packages for the X4 Labs Penis Extender products are not done in your typical way. Due to the fact that all of the packages are offering different things at different price points, you will received different “bonuses” depending on which package you select. The fact of the matter is that all of the packages offered through the supplier seem to be excellent values with the most expensive also being the most bang for your buck and offering the most free bonus material and products. They are also giving away a free X4 penis massager with purchases, while supplies last.

Does X4 Labs Penis Extender Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

It’s really hard for us here at top10penisenlargement.com to recommend any product that doesn’t have a rock solid, money back guarantee. The fact is not all products are going to provide the same results for all men, this is why its extremely important to make sure you can get your money back if you are not satisfied. Luckily, X4 Labs offers a great 6-month satisfaction guarantee that they promise will make your purchase and overall investment completely “risk-free”.  However, with a 99% approval rating, chances are you will get your moneys worth with this one.

Our Thoughts on the X4 Labs Penis Extender

There are many different reasons that we decided to include the X4 Labs Penis Extender in our top ten list. However, at the end of the day the most important things are results, value, and safety and the device surely lived up to our standards in all of these areas. With so many testimonials and unbiased reviews all over the internet, as well as a 99% success rate among our team during our own tests, the X4 Labs Penis Extender is clearly a winner and a product we feel great recommending to our readers!

Product: X4 Labs™ Penis Stretcher
Shipping: Discreet Shipping Worldwide (free with North American orders of $220 or more)

$420.95 – X4 Labs Extender Gold Premium (Best Bonus)
$320.95 – X4 Labs Extender Gold Edition (Most Popular)
$274.95 – X4 Labs Extender Peyronie’s Edition
$220.95 – X4 Labs Extender Deluxe Edition
$124.95 – X4 Labs Extender Starter Edition

Increase in Penis Length of Up To 3 Inches (Avg. of 2 Inches)
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