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Is Smoking Triggering Impotence?

There are a lot of side effects that come from smoking and many people are aware of them. However, there is one lesser known side effect that affects men only: impotence. There were a lot of scientific researches that proved the link between smoking and impotence. The main idea is that you have more chances of suffering from impotence in the future if you are currently smoking.

Impotence manifests by the inability of having and maintaining erections and this is due to a lack in the blood flow. It is a known fact that nicotine blocks the veins causing clogs and therefore men are unable to have erections properly. Stress, fatigue and no physical exercises are among the most common factors that can trigger impotence. Smoking is not one of them but it surely affects the reproductive organ too.

There are a lot of advertisements that say smoking can cause impotence but only a few men are aware of this risk. This is probably because a lot of smokers do not want to give up smoking and they prefer to ignore the risks instead of being aware of them. However, you should know that many times there are doubtful advertisements that do not state clear the link between smoking and impotence.

On the other hand, there are other smoking risks that might be seen as more important than impotence. This is a true fact but if men were aware that their manhood can be affected it is possible that they would acknowledge the risk better. There are a lot of anti smoking organizations and they should definitely use the impotence to make men stop smoking because this is one of the most painful and embarrassing conditions for a man.

Changing your lifestyle into a healthier one is a very important aspect if you want to prevent and treat impotence. So, you should definitely change the way you eat and the way you exercise. This is because it is the only natural way you can treat and prevent impotence. If you will also stop smoking you will minimize the chances of being impotent. This is great news for all those who want reasons for quitting smoking as soon as possible.

In summary, the link between smoking and impotence is scientifically proven so you should be aware of the fact that smoking increases the chances of being impotent in the next years. You should reduce this risk by quitting smoking as soon as possible because you would not want to suffer from this condition. There are a lot of men suffering from impotence and there would be much lesser if they would quit smoking.

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