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Penis Enlargement by Exercising: How?

Penis exercises or male enhancement exercises are known as one of the most effective methods of boosting one’s penis size and girth even a hundred years ago. But how do these exercises as a Penis Enlargement Method work? The exact mechanism is dependent on the type of exercise in question, but primarily, what makes these exercises work successfully is the ability of our body to adjust according to the surrounding environment. For an instance, a bodybuilder’s body tries to adjust to the lifted weights growing stronger and bigger muscles.

How do penis exercises work? The following are some of the explanations:

  1. Penis stretching – these exercises come in different forms. However, the primary principle behind these stretching exercises is to stretch the tissues found in the penis. The stretching action will eventually make the cells comprising the penis to grow by increasing in girth and length.
  2. Jelqing – the exercise is considered to be one of the most ancient male enhancement techniques that were used way back during the times of the nomadic Arabian tribes. These penis exercises involve movements that resemble the action when “milking” the penis in order to increase the amount of blood, which then fills that part of the penis called Corpora Cavernosa, therefore making the penis visibly larger in size.
  3. Kegel exercises – these penis exercises do not only target the penis itself but more of the pubococcygeus muscle, which is utilized when deliberately delaying erections. Therefore, when this specific muscle is trained, a man will be able to make his erections longer.

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