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Penis Enlargement by Use of Penis Patches

Manufacturers of penis patches regard their products as “Natural Penis Enlargement” patches rather than just plain “male enhancement” patches. Their claims seem to be a more precise description of the products since we have not seen any proof that patches can actually make the penis grow in size. The increase in penis size claim probably came from the fact that the ingredients found in these patches, for instance Yohimbe, can actually act to heighten the blood flow into the genitals. This phenomenon will eventually swell up the penis with more blood making it harder, and thus, larger erections will come about. Other components of these penis patches are seen to boost libido and imitate the effects of testosterone. Some of these ingredients include:

  1. Yohimbe – which is a usual component in penis pill products. The substance is said to bring about firm erections.
  2. Cascuta – which is said to promote fertility not only in men but as well as in women
  3. Epimedium – which is said to have a testosterone-like effect that can enhance libido and enhance erectile function
  4. Catuaba – which stimulates the nervous system
  5. Maria Puama – plays an important role in assisting functions of the reproductive system as well as the cardiovascular system.

Warning: For men, who are thinking of giving this penis patches a try; keep in mind that product preparations containing the substance Yohimbe are not allowed in most countries. Moreover, the use of the said substance is being looked upon by the Food and Drug Administration recently as it can really pose some serious side effects.

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