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Penis Enlargement Devices Are an Effective Alternative to Exercises

If you don’t have time for regular penis lengthening exercise workouts, Penis Enlargement Devices can provide an effective alternative. The two methods work in the same way, by stretching the corpora cavernosa tissues of your penis to increased blood flow, making the penis longer and thicker. Penis lengthening devices are essentially harnesses that you attach to your penis, which you then use to gradually increase traction to it, causing the cells of the spongy tissue to break and split. Once the new cells grow back, you have a longer penis that can contain more blood when it becomes erect, giving you firmer and harder erections.

While results vary, clinical studies have shown that men who regularly used penis enlargement devices enjoyed an average of 30% increase in penis size. This translates to increases in penile length of two to three inches and in girth of as much as one inch, resulting in a more impressive-looking penis that will surely inspire gasps from women. Apart from the increased length, users also enjoyed improved sexual performance as they had more powerful erections and an increased sex drive. And these devices are perfectly safe, since they are considered low-risk devices that have a low probability of negative side effects.

Penis extender devices can also help you if you suffer from conditions such as micro-penis syndrome and bent penis syndrome, by helping to give you a stronger and straighter penis. All you have to do is wear the device regularly for the recommended time, usually around eight hours a day, to enjoy the maximum benefits; since it is lightweight, you can easily wear it unobtrusively under your clothing. You can even split up the time you have to wear the device, wearing it four to five hours per session, twice a day, for example.

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