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Penis Patches for Penis Enlargement

There is a latest method being promoted for Penis Enlargement Technique – the use of special transdermal penis patches. These patches are no longer considered as novel inventions. As a matter of fact, transdermal patches were long been used as a media in delivering a wide range of drugs, from testosterone to nicotine for many years. One of the advantages of using transdermal patches is that the drug is delivered directly to the bloodstream instead of making the drugs pass through the digestive tract. Moreover, the drug is also allowed to be delivered slowly, over a longer duration of time, often several days. This makes patches the perfect media in delivering controlled amounts of drugs in a manageable manner. The adhesive or drugs contained in the patches can however bring about skin irritations. These phenomena can be aggravated by sweating. Sweating may also result to loosening of the patch and thus, the location of the patch should consequently be altered in order to prevent skin irritations.

Penis patches are relatively a recent application of transdermal drug delivery. These patches are made available by a number of manufacturers. Most of these manufacturers also produce penis pill products. These penis patches manufacturers make claims about these products, such as increased stamina, greater sex drive, longer lasting erections, increased penis size and penis hardness without causing nausea or any other side effects to the digestive system. Some manufacturers also claim that these products can make the penis to increase by up to 5 inches, while there are other manufacturers who make the modest claims.

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