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What You Need to Know About Penis Pumps

It is not something new to realize that controversy has always surrounded the use of penis pumps. There have always been questions regarding the actual benefits it is able to provide its users, as well as the possible disadvantages from the use (or misuse) of such products.

These days, penis pumps are, more than ever, plagues with controversy and questions especially with the introduction of the new water based penis pumps, which have slowly gained popularity since it was first introduced to the public. Pumps, whether air pumps or water pumps, are all attractively packaged and enticing enough that at the end of it all, would-be users are left wondering: “Which one should I really use?”

Not too long ago, using penis pumps was solely for medical reasons alone. It was meant to be used for therapeutic purposes and to correct certain male health problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunctions, and other vascular related pathologies. These problems, which most men consider to be a disability and interference with the healthy functioning of their penis, were normally treated with the use of penis pumps.

In recent years, however, the use of penis pumps has been more and more pronounced with the mainstream. It is no longer a device that you will find in your doctor’s office alone. Nowadays, penis pumps can be found in homes and in the bathrooms of men all over, with users aiming to increase the length or the girth of their penis. A larger penis size is the end goal for the use of these penis pumps. And these days, users will find that they have to decide between the older model of an air pump, or the water pumps that are being aggressively marketed today.

It should be noted that both air pumps and water-based pumps have a similar ends and that both products are aimed at increasing the length and girth of the penis by utilizing the differing pressure between the pump and the penis tissue. Both create pressure inside the pump with the only difference being the “medium” of enhancement used in the process. Another similarity that should be noted is that for both the air the water pump, the results that they give the user are temporary and use of the pump is intended only for the short term.

Water pumps, however, are steadily gaining its foothold with users. One of the biggest advantages to the use of a water pump is that they provide the user with much privacy. It can be conveniently used in the shower or in the bath, away from plain sight of everyone.

If the pump needs to be filled with water, then this can be done discreetly with a water pump. Plus the water pump is not a bulky apparatus when compared with the air pump. Air pumps have been notorious for being so easily recognized and hard to use discreetly, and this is something that makes water based penis pumps so popular these days.

One of the most popular among water pumps these days is Penomet, which is gradually gaining its position as the #1 brand when it comes to water-based penis pumps.

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