Kegels Penis Enlargement Exercises Can Give You Rock Hard Erections

Ask any man what they’re most insecure about and if they’re honest, they’ll most likely reply the length of their penis. After all, length is often linked to the ability to satisfy a woman; that’s not necessarily the case, but this is the general perception. This is why every guy would like to have a longer penis. But how can you get one? Well, why not try Penis Enlargement Exercises?

Before starting on a penis extension exercise workout, keep in mind that they will work only if you do them consistently. Try setting aside a particular period during your day to do them; around 15 to 20 minutes a day, five times a week is more than enough. And always make sure to skip a day in between workouts, in order to give your penis time to rest and regenerate.

One of the simplest penis exercises is the Kegels or PC Flex, which is intended to strengthen the PC muscles. These are the muscles that are located between your scrotum and your anus. In order to locate them, try stopping the flow of your piss next time you’re in the bathroom; these are your PC muscles. Strengthening these muscles will not only give you strong, firm erections, they will also help control ejaculation so you can have longer lovemaking sessions.

To do Kegels exercises, all you have to do is squeeze and release these muscles. Start with 20 to 30 repetitions a day then gradually build up to 300; you don’t have to do all 300 at one time, you can do 100 per session, thrice a day. Note that if your buttocks or stomach tightens, then you are not using the right muscles. Once you’re doing it correctly, you can make the workouts more intense by holding the squeeze for around 3 seconds before relaxing.

Why Penis Exercise Works as a Penis Enhancement Exercises

Penis exercise is one of the more popular natural ways to increase penis size. Since it does not use any tools or medications, it is obviously safe. And since it does not involve undergoing intrusive procedures, it will not produce any adverse effects. But with this in mind, you would wonder: how can something as seemingly simple as penis exercise work as an effective Penis Enlargement Method?

Basically, the process works by stimulating the tissues that make put the penis. Since the penis is not a muscle, usual exercise methods will not work to increase its size. What it needs is stimulation so the cells in the tissue will reproduce, so to speak. This will facilitate the increase in the penis’ size.

There are various penis exercises used for an Effective Penis Enlargement. Perhaps the most popular is jelqing, a method wherein the person has to “milk” the penis to increase flow blood in the area. Doing the exercise regularly will produce long term results after a few months. The kegel exercises, on the other, are done to train the penis to prolong an erection. Of course, a prolonged erection doesn’t equate to a bigger penis; however, it can improve one’s sexual performance. Penis stretching is the simplest method for enlarging the penis. Here, one stretches the tissues of the penis to facilitate growth in the long run.

Needless to say, it’s not a matter of simply stretching and exercising the penis. There is a popular process involved here. There are penis exercise classes and programs available online to teach men how to do the exercise properly.

The Benefits of Penis Enlargement Exercise Programs

Although somewhat new in the industry when compared to penis pumps and penis surgeries, penis exercise as a Penis Enlargement Procedure is certainly catching commercial momentum. More and more people are enrolling in penis exercise classes and getting penis exercise programs. But before you dismiss this method as a scam, it is imperative that you first look at the benefits of this procedure. Here are some benefits of penis exercises:

Increase in size. Of course, the main benefit of these exercises is the increase in penis size they could produce. In a nutshell, the exercises work by stimulating the penis to increase in length through various stretching and stimulation movements and procedures. Among these methods are jelqing and the kegel movement.
Prolonged erection. Certain exercises can stimulate certain parts of the male sex organ to delay ejaculation. This adheres to the concept of Tantric sex, where it is stated that sexual pleasure can be achieved through superior control of the penis. The penis exercises train the sex organ, so to speak, so you will have more control over it. Prolonged ejaculation, in turn, means prolonged erection.
Increase in semen production. Finally, these exercises stimulate the male sex organ to produce more semen, owing for a more pleasurable sexual experience.

The results of the penis exercises can take some time to produce results. However, once you notice the results, you will see how huge of a difference the penile enlargement exercises can make in your sex life.

Penis Enlargement by Exercising: How?

Penis exercises or male enhancement exercises are known as one of the most effective methods of boosting one’s penis size and girth even a hundred years ago. But how do these exercises as a Penis Enlargement Method work? The exact mechanism is dependent on the type of exercise in question, but primarily, what makes these exercises work successfully is the ability of our body to adjust according to the surrounding environment. For an instance, a bodybuilder’s body tries to adjust to the lifted weights growing stronger and bigger muscles.

How do penis exercises work? The following are some of the explanations:

  1. Penis stretching – these exercises come in different forms. However, the primary principle behind these stretching exercises is to stretch the tissues found in the penis. The stretching action will eventually make the cells comprising the penis to grow by increasing in girth and length.
  2. Jelqing – the exercise is considered to be one of the most ancient male enhancement techniques that were used way back during the times of the nomadic Arabian tribes. These penis exercises involve movements that resemble the action when “milking” the penis in order to increase the amount of blood, which then fills that part of the penis called Corpora Cavernosa, therefore making the penis visibly larger in size.
  3. Kegel exercises – these penis exercises do not only target the penis itself but more of the pubococcygeus muscle, which is utilized when deliberately delaying erections. Therefore, when this specific muscle is trained, a man will be able to make his erections longer.