Important Facts about Penis Enlargement Patches – 3 Things You Need to Know

Have you heard about the latest craze in the Penis Enlargement Market? This is the penis patch, a revolutionary product that offers a unique and easier approach to make your penis bigger. As a new solution, there are many people who still do not know how it works. So here are the 3 important facts that you need to know about penis enhancement patches.

First, a penis patch offers a trans-dermal delivery system. You probably know already that penis pills are absorbed by your stomach before the active ingredients can be distributed to your system. Penis extenders on the other hand are applied directly on the penis to promote physical changes.

With a penis patch, the active ingredients of the product are absorbed by your skin. Once the ingredients are absorbed, these will be delivered directly to your blood stream. This is the reason why patches for male enhancement are touted to produce faster and better results.

Second, penis patches are also made from 100 percent natural ingredients. All the known ingredients used on penis pills can also be found on these patches. So if you are using a male enlarger pill, you might want to consider using a patch because it is also safe.

Lastly, an enlarger patch is the easiest solution for male enhancement. A single patch is good for a day’s use. You can simply paste it anywhere on your body and start getting the benefits.

So if you are looking for a better Penis Enlargement Solution, then a penis patch is a good product that you should seriously consider.

What You Need to Know About Penis Enlargement Patches

The skin layer has been considered as a jump over in which a lot of pharmaceutical ingredients can go by. Moreover, in the recent years, the transdermal technique has gained more and more positive reputation. This is why we are seeing more and more natural and pharmaceutical products that are being introduced in the body transdermally or by way of using patched. The latest technology involves the use of a high class patch which works on such mechanisms where in all-natural energetic components are released directly into the blood stream. Patches for sexual benefits such as Penis Enlargement Patches, may vary in their components of precise ingredient formulations and the effectiveness of such preparations of the real patch. However, most of the patches for penis enhancement hold a pretty long list of herbal components which are known to have beneficial results in men.

For most men, there are no known serious side effects. There is however very minimal cases of mild skin irritations that occur at the part where the penis patches have been placed. These transdermal patches are a better way to keep away from any ill effects when wanting to a have bigger penis size since they contain ingredients which do not pass through the digestive tract and thus, the chance of having disturbed tummy is only little.

Always look for penis patches that entirely explain the expected results and functions of all of its components. Look for an appropriate report of produce from a certified and specialized medical laboratory.

Penis Patches for Penis Enlargement

There is a latest method being promoted for Penis Enlargement Technique – the use of special transdermal penis patches. These patches are no longer considered as novel inventions. As a matter of fact, transdermal patches were long been used as a media in delivering a wide range of drugs, from testosterone to nicotine for many years. One of the advantages of using transdermal patches is that the drug is delivered directly to the bloodstream instead of making the drugs pass through the digestive tract. Moreover, the drug is also allowed to be delivered slowly, over a longer duration of time, often several days. This makes patches the perfect media in delivering controlled amounts of drugs in a manageable manner. The adhesive or drugs contained in the patches can however bring about skin irritations. These phenomena can be aggravated by sweating. Sweating may also result to loosening of the patch and thus, the location of the patch should consequently be altered in order to prevent skin irritations.

Penis patches are relatively a recent application of transdermal drug delivery. These patches are made available by a number of manufacturers. Most of these manufacturers also produce penis pill products. These penis patches manufacturers make claims about these products, such as increased stamina, greater sex drive, longer lasting erections, increased penis size and penis hardness without causing nausea or any other side effects to the digestive system. Some manufacturers also claim that these products can make the penis to increase by up to 5 inches, while there are other manufacturers who make the modest claims.

Penis Enlargement by Use of Penis Patches

Manufacturers of penis patches regard their products as “Natural Penis Enlargement” patches rather than just plain “male enhancement” patches. Their claims seem to be a more precise description of the products since we have not seen any proof that patches can actually make the penis grow in size. The increase in penis size claim probably came from the fact that the ingredients found in these patches, for instance Yohimbe, can actually act to heighten the blood flow into the genitals. This phenomenon will eventually swell up the penis with more blood making it harder, and thus, larger erections will come about. Other components of these penis patches are seen to boost libido and imitate the effects of testosterone. Some of these ingredients include:

  1. Yohimbe – which is a usual component in penis pill products. The substance is said to bring about firm erections.
  2. Cascuta – which is said to promote fertility not only in men but as well as in women
  3. Epimedium – which is said to have a testosterone-like effect that can enhance libido and enhance erectile function
  4. Catuaba – which stimulates the nervous system
  5. Maria Puama – plays an important role in assisting functions of the reproductive system as well as the cardiovascular system.

Warning: For men, who are thinking of giving this penis patches a try; keep in mind that product preparations containing the substance Yohimbe are not allowed in most countries. Moreover, the use of the said substance is being looked upon by the Food and Drug Administration recently as it can really pose some serious side effects.

Penis Patches are an Easy and Convenient Way of Penis Enlargement

If you don’t have time for Penis Enlargement Exercises and pills are not your thing, there is an easier way to get a longer penis: penis patches. Penis patches are transdermal patches that introduce natural penis lengthening agents directly into your bloodstream, making them work more effectively than pills as they deliver a consistent dose over a certain period of time. The most familiar use of transdermal patches is in nicotine patches that smokers use when they are trying to quit smoking.

To use penis patches, all you have to do is stick them somewhere on your body (except on your genitals or your face) and then leave them on for the recommended time, which is generally three days, before replacing them. You can wear the patches anywhere, in the shower, while working out at the gym or even while enjoying sex. Penis patches work in the same way as pills, by forcing blood into the spongy corpora cavernosa tissues of the penis, causing them to expand and resulting in a longer, fatter penis.

Using these patches can also enhance your overall sexual performance by giving you a harder and longer-lasting erection, increasing your sex drive and making your ejaculations more powerful. Although results will vary from user to user, you can enjoy improvements in as little as a month, although the majority of people will need around six months before they start to see progress. Just be sure to measure your penis first and keep measuring it on a regular basis to see how much progress you’re making.

Penis Enlargement Using Enhancement Patches – Are They Real?

When it comes to Penis Enlargement Solutions, the first things that will come to your mind are pills, exercise programs, and penis extender devices. Well, these products are okay and they have produced good results for many men.

But did you know that there is a new penis enhancement solution that promises greater convenience and more effective results? This is the penis patch, a brand new approach to make your penis longer, harder, and much bigger.

Penis patches are designed to give you complete convenience and privacy. You can stick the patch on a hidden part of your body so that no one will notice that you are using a male enhancement product.

The patch is designed to provide trans-dermal delivery of the active ingredients. The natural ingredients are absorbed directly by your skin to your blood stream thus giving you more optimized results.

Like pills and exercise programs, patches can make your penis longer and bigger in a few weeks. They are also made to give you harder and longer lasting erections. You will be able to perform better in bed if you use a penis patch.

The biggest benefit that you can enjoy from an enhancement patch is convenience. There is no need for you to maintain a schedule for regular penis exercises. There is also no gadget to manipulate if you use a patch. Each day, you can simply stick the patch on your body and start getting the natural ingredients to make your penis bigger and better.