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The Best Medication for Erectile Dysfunction

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have problems in maintaining and having erections. This can be very bad for the self esteem and sexual life of a man. Many times, couples break up because of this and therefore you should consider this condition a serious one.

Your sexual performance will be decreased because of these problems and therefore it becomes very important to avoid them. Psychological problems are often encountered in men with erectile dysfunction problems.

The main problem of not having or maintaining erections comes from the blood flow in the penile area. If your blood flow in the penile area is not proper, you will suffer from these problems. Luckily, there are solutions for your problem and you will not have to endure erectile dysfunction anymore. There are a lot of treatments you can use for getting rid of this problem or at least lowers its effects.

The erectile dysfunction medication is mainly composed of inhibitors. They increase the blood flow in the penile area and allow the penis to relax and fill with blood. However, you should know that these drugs only facilitate erections. They can’t work if the man is not sexually stimulated. This is a misconception you should not believe.

Today, there are mainly three drugs approved by the FDA that can help you cope with erectile dysfunction. They are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. They use the same mechanism for stimulating your erection by increasing the blood flow in your penis. There are slight differences between them as they do just about the same thing. The differences come from the time they act.

All these three drugs have to be taken prior to sexual activity. You will need to take Levitra or Viagra 4 hours before you have sex. On the other hand, Cialis needs to be taken at least 24 hours before having sex. However, you should know that these medications might have side effects and therefore you should definitely ask your doctor before taking them.

A lot of men are seeking for alternative treatments when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. The truth is that there are other drugs but they are still in the experimental stage. They are either not released on the market at all or they are not approved by the FDA. You should be careful with these drugs because they might not be experimented for a long time and they may have undiscovered side effects.

In summary, erectile dysfunction is available on the market so you should not worry if you suffer from this condition. However, you should seek treatment from the first symptoms because many times you will find this condition easier to treat in its first stages.

You should seek treatment as soon as possible and seeing a doctor should not be considered as an embarrassing thing because there are a lot of sufferers in the world and you are just one of them that needs help in this matter.

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